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Reg. Spa Pedicure:   $35 

* Cut and shape nails, Cuticle clean up, Callus is smoothed,  Lotion massage , hot tower & nails polish.

Deluxe Pedicure:   $45  

* Included everything from Classic Pedicure

* Scrub exfoliation

* Callus removal

* Peppermint foot mask

* Menthol gel cooling massage with hot stones.

Fabulous Pedicure   $55 

* Included everything from Classic & Fabulous Pedicure

* Extra oil massage and Paraffin wax treatment 

* Paraffin wax is a luxury spa treatment that moisturizes and softens the skin.

Bliss Pedicure   $70  

* Soak you feet into water with fresh orange. Banishes dry, rough skin and calluses with nature. Sugar crystals and AHA, ultra hydrates and smoothest with shear butter, extract mask. Treat yourself into a Blissfully sensual Spa massage with rich emollients Antioxidants and vitamins.

Sheer Bliss Pedicure   $75 

* Included everything from Bliss Pedicure with revitalize your feet and awaken senses. With this rejuvenating pedicure that loosens sore muscles, stimulates circulation.

* Hot stone massage essential

* Feeling Blissing with aroma essential, small oil that last long for relaxation.

* Also the flowing Spa Pedicure available onsite 

* Perfect Nails Spa 

* Bomb-Spa 

* Volcano-Spa 

Add-On Services:

 * Gel Add-On (Acrylic/Pedi)       $17

    * Hot stones massage                    $5    

* Callus Remove                            $10

     * Paraffin wax treatment               $15    

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